Mexican Masks from the states of Sinaloa &


Sinloa and Sonora States Mexican Masks

In northern Mexico, the states of Sonora and Sinaloa are home to the Yaqui and Mayo people.  Both groups are known for their  masked performances and share certain characteristics in their dance dramas reflecting Indian rituals fused with Catholic  missionary influences.  During Holy Week, young Mayo and Yaqui men wear a helmet mask made of animal skin with varying styles which represent the  persecutors of Christ. These masks are known as Chapayeka or Chapokobam.  On saturday at the end of the passion drama the  masks traditionally get burned as a cleansing ritual.  Another mask that is commonly used by these indigenous groups is the  Pascola as part of the deer dance.  Pascola signifies old men or ancestor.  The masks are usually painted black and white with  geometric patterns and a cross on the forehead with eyebrows and beard made with horse hair.  These masks are used in different rituals during the year.
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