Pilato Mask: Rare Pontius Pilate mask worn for Semana Santa drama during easter from the Sierra Norte region of Puebla (otomi/nahuatl culture).  Mid 20th century, hardwood, dark rich inside patina.  Moro Mask: Green moro mask used in "danza de moros y cristianos" for Santo Santiago fiesta in the northern highlands of Puebla (nahuatl culture).  Surface reflects heavy dance wear yet mask is in solid condition. Huehueton Mask: Mid 20th century Huehueton mask worn for “Danza de los Hue Hues” during summer coffee festivals in the northern highlands of the state of Puebla (Totonac Culture).  Excellent condition, patina and paint job reflect its old age Hue Hue Mask:  Huehueton mask worn for “Danza de los Hue-Hues” during summer coffee festivals in the northern highlands of the state of Puebla (Totonac Culture). Hardwood, excellent condition and patina. Rey Puebla Mask: 1950's king mask from the northern highlands of Puebla. Worn for carnival and for coffee harvest ceremonies. Excellent condition, hardwood, warm patina, lace, and horse tail hair.

Mexican Masks from the state of Puebla

Puebla State Mexican Masks

The state of Puebla is rich in masked dances and ethnic diversity.  Acatlan, a mestizo town in the south of the state performs La  Danza de los Tecuanes for Day of the Dead and for their patron saint San Rafael.  In this dance large masks of tigres, death, old  men, and charros get worn.  Huejotzingo is a mestizo and Nahuatl town with an elaborate Carnival in which large numbers of  dancers re-enact the Battle of the Fifth of May commemorating the Mexican army's victory over the french troops in 1862.  Most  of the masks in this dance-drama are made of molded leather. Nahuatl, Otomi, and Totonac peoples in the northern highlands of  the state honor Santo Santiago on July 25th with a variety of Moor and Christian battle dramas.  In Cuetzalan Santo Santiago often  appears with a horse waist mask.  Elegant negrito masks also get produced in this part of the state.  Of all the Puebla masks the  most documented are the highly realistic and elegant Dandies or Catrines who have elaborately carved beards and in some cases  moveable eyelids. 
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