Negrito Michoacan Mask: From San Lorenzo, Michoacan, a classic negrito mask for "danza de los negritos", an elegant drama performed during winter ceremonies in the tarascan highlands (purepecha culture). 30 + years old, hardwood, head-dress made of lamb s Hermit Mask:  Unusual primitive Hermit Mask worn for “La Pastorela” (Christmas Drama) in the highlands of Michoacan (Purepecha Culture). 30 + years. Diablo Cornudo Mask: Unusual large devil mask from Michoacan carved from a single piece of wood.  Worn for pastorela drama during christmas (Purepecha culture). 21 x 15 inches

Mexican Masks from the state of Michoacan

Michoacan State Mexican Masks

The state of Michoacan is home to the Purepecha people (known as Tarascans by the outside world) who live mostly in old colonial villages in the highlands of the state.  Several masks in the state get worn during winter ceremonies honoring the Christ Child.  Elegant negrito masks, curpites, and viejos are the most prevalent characters at this time of the year and each village has a  distinct style.  Also a lot of shepherd, hermit, and devil masks get worn for pastorela dramas (morality plays) at posadas around  christmas time.  Charo near Morelia has a giant carnaval procession in which very large devil masks get used.  By far the most  widely known masks from Michoacan are the comical viejitos who perform a vigorous stomping dance at different times of the  year and throughout Mexico
Curpite Mask: mid 20th century Curpite mask worn in La Danza de los Curpites during winter ceremonies in the Purepecha community of San Juan Nuevo, Michoacan.  Carved wood with animal teeth and cow tail beard.  Excellent condition.  Rastrero Mask:  A classic rastrero (tracker) mask worn during Carnaval Purepecha processions in Charo, Michoacan. Mid 20th century, carved wood with horse tail beard and mustache.  Hermit Michoacan Mask: 1960's hermit mask with a beautiful warm patina from years of dancing. Worn for pastorela dramas during christmas season from the Purepecha highlands of Michoacan.  Excellent condition, dense hard-wood. Viejo Ermita Mask:  Mid 20th century primitive hermit mask with years of heavy dance use and multiple paint jobs.  Carved from dense hard-wood with rough patina Diablo Charo Mask: Golden diablo mask worn for Carnaval Purepecha in the town of Charo, Michoacan.  30 + years old, real bull horns and cow tail hair plugs for beard and eyebrows. Negro Uruapan Mask: Classic negro mask from Uruapan, Michoacan used in La Danza de los Negros. This mask resembles those made by Don Victoriano Salgado however it was carved by a mask maker long deceased from the highlands near Paracho. Mexican Mask for sale by Galeria Olinala Buy Mexican Masks online About us and our mexican mask collection for sale Cantact us for information about our masks Terms & Conditions Galeria Olinala by Brewster Brocmann Complete Mexican Masks Collection For Sale