Mexican Masks from the state of Mexico

State of Mexico Mexican Masks

The state surrounding Mexico city is mostly agricultural land with mestizo and some indigenous communities.  Moor and Christian  battle dramas are common throughout the state for which comical moor masks with articulated jaws are made.  In the town of  San Martin de las Piramides, next to the Teotihuacan pyramids, villagers perform a mock battle between Santiago and the  Archareos, a pagan army led by Pontius Pilate.  The Archareo masks are made of molded felt and leather with brightly colored  patterns attached to a goat or sheep skin helmet covering the dancers head and shoulders.
Archero Amarillo: 1970's  Archareo mask from San Martin de las Piramides next to Teotihuacan archaelogical site in the state of Mexico.  Archareos are an army of pagan archers who take sides with Pontius Pilate and fight against Santo Santiago. Made from Mexican Mask for sale by Galeria Olinala Buy Mexican Masks online About us and our mexican mask collection for sale Cantact us for information about our masks Terms & Conditions Galeria Olinala by Brewster Brocmann Complete Mexican Masks Collection For Sale