Mexican Masks from the state of Jalisco

Jalisco State Mexican Masks Gallery

The best known masks of Jalisco are made for La Danza de los Tastoanes performed in mestizo communities near Guadalajara. 

This festival drama is a twist on the Moors and Christians dance and in most townships is carried out july 25th day of Santo

Santiago the slayer of Moors.  Instead of Moors the pagan infidels are the Tastoanes and instead of a catholic victory Santiago is

killed and often returns as a ghost in the drama accompanied by his dog "la perra maravilla" (wonder bitch) also wearing a mask. 

Tastoan masks are impressive and have grotesque features and get worn with long heavy hair made with horse tails, cow tails, or

sisal.  The masks are made of painted leather and wood and in Santa Cruz de las Huertas they are often made of brightly painted


Hermit San Francisco Mask:  Primitive hermit mask (30+ years old) worn for pastorela drama during christmas season from San Francisco Ixcatan, Jalisco near Guadalajara.  Carved from dense hard-wood and woven sisal beard Mexican Mask for sale by Galeria Olinala Buy Mexican Masks online About us and our mexican mask collection for sale Cantact us for information about our masks Terms & Conditions Galeria Olinala by Brewster Brocmann Complete Mexican Masks Collection For Sale