Olinala Tigre Mask:  large mid 20th century tigre mask from Olinala, Guerrero, a nahuatl community famous for its laquerware.  Good condition and a patina from extensive dancing. Tigre Temalaca Mask: 1960's Tigre mask worn for “Danza de Tecuanes” during la fiesta de San Miguel in Temalacatzingo, Guerrero (Nahuatl Culture). Tiempo Mask: 1970's Tiempo Mask worn for “Danza de tres potencias” in Guerrero (nahuatl culture). Excellent condition with real animal teeth, 7.5 x 7 inches

Mexican Masks from the state of Guerrero

Guerrero State Mexican Masks Gallery

The most prolific and diverse mask making in Mexico takes place in the state of Guerrero.  For the most part this is carried out by  the Nahuatl people but Tlapanec, Amuzgo, and Mixtec people also perform with masks in Guerrero.  Some of the most popular  dance dramas are Moor and Christian battles, Conquista dance, Tres Potencias (3 powers), and Siete Vicios (7 vices) dance.  By far  the most impressive masks in Guerrero are used in Zitlala and Acatlan during La Fiesta de la Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) in early May.   Guerrero is an arid state and for centuries this fiesta takes place in order to promote a good agricultural and rainy season.  Heavy  expressive stitched leather tigre (jaguar) helmets protect wearers in aggressive combats to honor San Nicolas,  primitive  tlacololero masks get worn with giant hats as they crack their whips to mimic desired thunder,  and elegant goat masks are used  in la danza de los chivos.  The southern coast of Guerrero is home to descendants of African slaves who make powerful devil  masks for All Saints and All Souls celebrations. 
Diablito Rojo Mask: Mid 20th century diablo mask for "siete vicios" and "tres potencias" dramas from the mountains of Guerrero (nahuatl culture).  Heavy dance wear, only one leather ear, one of the horns was replaced at some point in time.
Tlacololero mask: Worn in La Danza de los Tlacololeros in arid early May during La Fiesta de la Santa Cruz in Zitlala, Guerrero. A Nahuatl rain dance in which the tlacololeros march around town cracking their whips to mimic the thunder to promote a good r Mexican Mask for sale by Galeria Olinala Buy Mexican Masks online About us and our mexican mask collection for sale Cantact us for information about our masks Terms & Conditions Galeria Olinala by Brewster Brocmann Complete Mexican Masks Collection For Sale