Mexican Masks from the state of Chiapas

Chiaopas State Mexican Masks

Chiapas, Mexico's southernmost state bordering with Guatemala was part of the ancient Maya cultural region and today is home to  several ethnic groups who speak dialects of the Maya language.  Pre-Lenten Carnival in the highland region is celebrated with  monkey masks, tigre masks, and clown masks.  The feast day of San Sebastian is an important occasion in the central valley of the  state among the Zoque people of Suchiapa and Chiapa de Corzo who perform the dance-drama known as Los Parachicos.  In this  dance, dating back to colonial times to bless the children,  hundreds of dancers wear elegant costumes with finely carved masks  with European features and in Suchiapa some dancers wear finely carved bull masks.  Both forms of masks get worn with an  unusual wig made of tightly knotted sisal.  Also from Suchiapa we see finely carved tigre helmets worn for Corpus Christi. 
Torito Chiapas Mask: Finely carved little bull mask with real horns and woven sisal head-dress for La Danza de los Parachicos.  This dance dates back to colonial times when a sick wealthy child was cured by his mothers prayers to San Sebastian.  Para-los- Mexican Mask for sale by Galeria Olinala Buy Mexican Masks online About us and our mexican mask collection for sale Cantact us for information about our masks Terms & Conditions Galeria Olinala by Brewster Brocmann Complete Mexican Masks Collection For Sale