Galeria Olinala

Mexican Mask for Sale

By Brewster Brockmann

Masks are of course essential to this break with reality that is the meaning and marrow of mexican fiestas. A break with reality that heightens reality to a tension, reaching into and breaking through to another dimension that throughout time mystics, poets, and artists always search for, and sometimes find. The masks in this collection are ritual objects that have been worn in ceremonial performances from various ethnic groups in Mexico. They embody the mysticism, magic, and religion of the cultures who produce them to define the fervor, the ethic, and the vigor of their communtities. Negritos, tigres, diablos, moros, and tlacololeros are only some of the other faces of Mexico. Galeria Olinala opened its doors in 1978 and remains the oldest ethnographic gallery in Puerto Vallarta.
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